AMF Adopt-A-Soldier/Unit Program

We have found that many people want to do something to support our service members deployed to a combat zone, but don’t know how.  This is our opportunity to show our Heroes how much we appreciate them!

Throughout the month we collect and mail letters to our deployed Heroes.  We  host care package parties and send care packages throughout the year.  Our purpose is to boost morale by showing love, respect and gratitude for the sacrifices they are making for us.

How you can get involved

• Write letters to our deployed service members.
• Collect care package supplies.

• Attend our care package parties.
• Donate money for shipping of our care package boxes.

List of Care Package Supplies Need
AMF Band of Brothers Chat Room
Request AMF Adopt-A-Soildier/Unit

A Message from  Deployed Service Member:

First and foremost thank you so much for the care packages, we received them all last week. It was a mad house opening box after box, after box, after box.....after box, after box, and more. I wish I had my camera at that point in time because if you can imagine 12 very happy Soldiers each opening a box. It was after each box that was opened that the madness overcame all. The best way I can explain it would be like if we were in wall street. Now everyone is yelling and tossing things back and fourth all at the same time, "this care package has shower shoes, who needs shower shoes?", "I love Jolly ranchers", "I got a sweet Colorado hat", "peanut butter crackers YES", "awesome Ramen Noodles", "this is perfect, toys for the orphanage", "hey I have coloring books for the orphanage too", "please give me a tooth brush", "I don't just want but I need chocolate right now", "share the jolly ranchers with me", "who wants this?", "who wants that?", "I do, I do".

After the storm all you heard was candy wrappers opening, a lot of mmmmmm's, velcro of the baseball caps adjusting, shower shoes slapping the floor after being tried on, peanut butter crackers being munched on, bubble gum popping and a bunch and ton of thank you's to you and your organization. So again thank you so much, the care packages really made our day, week and month. I would like to send you and the great people of American Military Family a certificate of appreciation. If you could please send me names I will make sure every one will receive a certificate. I cant say this enough thank you so, so much.

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Donations may be mailed to:

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