Information About Fundraising

The following are a few guidelines to assist you in preparing your event:
Be sure to Have Fun. 

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Funds raised allow AMF to continue


Our mission:

To honor and support all members of the United States  military and their families through, emotional support, and collaborative efforts with other nonprofit organizations and volunteers who together strive to assist those serving and those who have served in their time of need.

Hosting Your Own AMF Fundraiser


  • Be sure to set goals for your event.
  • Be realistic about your expectations –

   How many people will realistically attend?

   How much  money are you hoping to raise?

   Plans dates and times convenient for most to attend.

  • Be sure to promote your event.

   Contact your local radio, tv and newspaper outlets.

   Get them involved.

   We will be happy to promote YOUR event on our website.
   We can even assist with flyers

  • Be sure to get some help. Don’t try this on your own. It can be overwhelming!       Besides, it is a lot of fun to share with those closest to you!
  • Be sure to include date, time and place of your event on all literature/flyers/posters.
  • Be sure to have fun as you raise aware about the value of the service and sacrifice of our Troops and their Families!​
  • Be sure to thank everyone for coming and supporting our Troops and their  Families. And don’t forget to thank your supporters, sponsors and volunteers!

Again, on behalf of everyone at American Military Family (AMF), we THANK YOU sincerely for your want to host a fundraiser for us! Your support enables us to help those or serve and sacrifice for all of us!


Any fundraiser event hosted on behalf of American Military Family, Inc. (AMF) does NOT constitute or create any type of a partnership /relationship / agent or principal or any other legal relationship between your event and AMF.  AMF is not able to assume any liability - financial, legal or otherwise for any part of your event – planning/financial outcomes or losses and/or any results relative to your event.  We advise and strongly recommend that you consult with a local attorney/financial planner or advisor to determine whether or not there are any legal, technical or tax consequences of hosting such an event.

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Please contact us if you have any questions.

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